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For Insurance and Assistance Companies

The following is an example of the typical timeline for Sky Nurses once a medical transportation mission is awarded: 

Patient Assessment:  Telephone Triage
The RN-Intake Coordinator oversees every repatriation.  Upon completion of the Medical Summary, the RN-Intake Coordinator will review the information with the Medical Director to determine the plan of care during the medical escort.  The Medical Summary is completed by gathering information from speaking with the case manager, or primary nurse at the facility, family members, traveling companions and/or the patient, when possible.

Coordinating Flights and Ground Transportation
Upon authorization, Sky Nurses will secure all flights and ground transportation for the patient and companions utilizing our employee travel agents (who are available 24-hours a day).

Continuous Monitoring and Reporting
For the duration of the mission, starting with the Clinician’s departure to the delivery of the patient, Sky Nurses will report the progress of the mission through our Sky Nurses Portal, allowing the client to receive updates in real-time.

Clinician Assessment
Upon the Clinician’s arrival, the Clinician will immediately visit with the patient for a detailed pre-flight assessment.

Going Home
Throughout the medical escort, the Clinician will be the patient's advocate in ensuring comfort and safety utilizing protocols that have been developed by our Medical Director.  Upon arrival to the patient's destination, the Clinician will give a complete bedside-to-bedside report to the physician and/or nurse prior to discharge.

Service Completion
At Sky Nurses, we complete a Patient Satisfaction Survey after every medical escort as part of our on-going Quality Assurance program.  Similar to the HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems), Sky Nurses has developed the ME-CAHPS (Medical Escort Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems).

Insurance and Assistance Companies

Sky Nurses will provide a detailed due diligence package for a Travel Insurance, Health Insurance or Assistance Company interested in contracting or utilizing any of our services or solutions.

Sky Nurses coordinates domestic and international medical transportation and evacuation utilizing licensed medical professionals. Sky Nurses does not own, lease or operate any aircraft. All air transportation is completed by commercial airline or licensed and insured private jet or charter flight service.

Sky Nurses

Sky Nurses Portal is our proprietary, cloud-based operation management system, complete with system security to encrypt and ensure the protection of a patient’s health information. Rather than using unsecured emails to store patient documentation, it also allows our healthcare professionals to access the records, reports, and status updates of each mission in real-time.

High Quality
Global Clinician Network

All of our clinicians have been interviewed, trained, credentialed, and screened before serving as a medical escort for Sky Nurses, regardless of their country of domicile. Each of our medical professionals receives training to work in a multi-national and multi-cultural capacity.

Pricing & The Total Solution

The logistics coordinators, travel agents, and case managers on staff will efficiently price, plan, and manage every transport from the point of quote submission to the final delivery of the patient. Sky Nurses can obtain medical clearances, arrange travel documents, or even coordinate stretcher services on commercial airlines.

Licensing &

Sky Nurses is the only medical escort company in the United States to hold a nurse staffing license from a state health agency – the Florida Agency of Healthcare Administration (AHCA). We have also earned the highly regarded accreditation from the Commercial Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS).