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In this section of our site, we highlight just some of the many long-distance medical escort trips we take every day so that you can see exactly what kind of services Sky Nurses offers, the types of patients we serve, and the dedication of our flight nurses, clinicians, case managers and travel coordinators. We were tempted to call our blog "Adventures in Flight Nursing," because it sounded fun. We changed it to the more boring "Flight Nurse Blog," when we realized that very few of our medical repatriations were an adventure at all... the vast majority of our travel is simply and safely getting our patients from bedside to bedside, with top quality care and sincere compassion, and without any excitement whatsoever (well... except for the excitement of getting back home).

Take a look at our most recent travels and learn more than you ever wanted to about the long-distance medical escort and medical air transportation services offered by Sky Nurses. You'll see why we proudly call ourselves The Affordable Air Ambulance Alternative.

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Medical Air Transport from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Ashley, MN

When you set off on vacation, the last thing you’d ever think about needing would be a flight nurse to provide medical air transport services to get you safely back home. The good news is that experienced and caring medical escort services are just an easy phone call away. When Minnesota couple Susan and Paul […]

Air Medical Escort from San Francisco, California to Atlanta, Georgia

Assisting friends Ebiye and Raniya on their trip from their homes near San Francisco, CA to the Diamond Jubilee Ismaili Conference in Atlanta, GA. With the help of a flight nurse and private flight charter service, what seemed like a distant dream became reality for couples Nadir and Ebiye R. and Siraj and Raniya A. […]

Air Medical Escort from Zurich, Switzerland to Chicago, Illinois

Follow our flight nurse as he gets patient George O. from a hospital in Zurich, Switzerland to his home in Chicago, Illinois. On June 10, 2018, George O. and his wife Jane boarded a plane for Zurich, Switzerland from their home in Chicago, Illinois to begin a two-week excursion through Europe in celebration of their […]