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Travel Care MateHow do those who require extra assistance in their day-to-day lives travel long distances for personal or medical reasons?  Typically, they turn to family or friends with hope that someone is available, able, and willing to help.  In many cases, this is not possible, not economical, or is simply not the right solution.  This makes travelling inaccessible for those who need these accommodations.

For this reason, Sky Nurses created Travel Care Mates!

Have you dreamed of a vacation overseas?  Perhaps you’d like to embark on an exciting cruise, enjoy the nostalgia of a visit back to 'the old country,’ relax with a peaceful retreat, or expand your horizons with a cross-country excursion?  Maybe you've postponed visiting family and friends because you are uncomfortable traveling alone.  With a Travel Care Mate, there is no need to postpone your dreams any longer!  Our services at Travel Care Mates are designed to alleviate the anxiety and stress of the traveler so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest extent.

We all know the difficulties and challenges we face while traveling - the physical demands of keeping a tight schedule, the mobility issues encountered in new places, the unpleasant surprises at the airports, the nightmares of finding appropriate lodging, and so on.  A

Travel Care Mate will provide professional assistance every step of the way to make your trip far more enjoyable by providing aid and companionship so you won’t have to navigate this uncharted territory alone.  If you want someone to handle your concerns and give you peace-of-mind during your next trip, a Travel Care Mate is the answer for you!

Travel Care Mates services are tailored to meet your needs, NOT ours.  We select the most ideally located caregiver from a proprietary network of qualified providers from around the globe.  Our services can begin at your home and continue for the duration of the trip until you return home.  There are 3 levels of assistance available, each with services customized to meet your needs at extremely affordable rates.  At Travel Care Mates, we are ready and able to help you accomplish your travel goals!

Call us today to learn more about how Travel Care Mates can meet all of your travel needs, whether for a cruise, a vacation abroad or a family reunion.