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An Air Ambulance AlternativeAlthough Sky Nurses does not own, lease or operate any air ambulance aircraft and we do not misrepresent or cleverly disguise ourselves as something we are not. Sky Nurses is an excellent Air Ambulance Alternative choice for completing an air ambulance service for many reasons:

 Sky Nurses collaborates and works closely with the legitimate air ambulance companies around the world for our own cases.  Sometimes, we must use an air ambulance to complete an international stretcher service because commercial air is not available to transfer a patient directly from his/her location and/or to the destination city.

  • Sky Nurses knows the reputable air ambulance companies around the globe and will not be deceived by the false advertising or internet marketing tactics used by brokers and other companies.  For this reason, some hospitals will contract directly with Sky Nurses for their air ambulance cases rather than attempt to do this on their own.
  • We are able to coordinate the transport in a manner and way that may not be possible for a private party due to our familiarity with the medical transport industry and its overall operation and intricacies.  We can locate the most cost-effective service provider or another alternative for your needs as well as negotiate the best possible rates due to our industry contacts and relationships.
  • Air Ambulance companies and Sky Nurses are members of the medical transport profession and provide services to many of the same business clients.
  • This is what we do every day, 24/7/365, with a long history of success.
  • Sky Nurses has an impeccable reputation that we will not jeopardize by doing what is not in your best interest.  That is why we are the Air Ambulance Alternative.