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When a friend or family
member’s support isn’t enough,
but an air ambulance is too much,
Sky Nurses is your
medical transport provider of choice.


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Sky Nurses is a specialized, global medical transport company involved in the air transportation of patients aboard a commercial airline or private jet service.

Sky Nurses has been dedicated to helping patients and families achieve a safe passage home, to and from any domestic or international location.

Sky Nurses is a 24/7/365 operation that possesses a dynamic team of experienced professionals, enabling us to provide the highest quality of care during a medical escort. Our clinical staff consists of physicians, nurses, and paramedics with extensive experience in critical care and emergency medicine and we are the affordable air ambulance alternative.

Sky Nurses is the preferred medical escort service provider around the globe.


If you have a relative, companion or friend who needs to be medically escorted from one location to another, Sky Nurses offers the best solution. Our highly trained clinicians will safely transport your loved one at any time, domestic and international, around the globe. We are the cost-effective alternative to an air ambulance service for patients who are considered “fit-to-fly” on a commercial airline.

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If you are a healthcare facility looking to transport a patient to or from your facility, Sky Nurses is the comprehensive solution. Our transport services offer the cost-effective alternative to an air ambulance for cases where the patient is fit-to-fly on a commercial aircraft. For domestic flights, we can use business or economy class seating and for international flights, we can use business or economy class seating or a stretcher that is placed in the rear of the plane. Sky Nurses follows the same standards as accredited healthcare institutions in our daily operations.

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Sky Nurses has combined high quality healthcare services with an extensive global network of clinicians, rapid-response time, meticulous planning, efficient pricing, combined with effective management and communication. Sky Nurses is a 24/7 operation with trained staff available to receive and respond to the needs of our clients from the point of quote acceptance to the delivery of the patient. Each medical escort is monitored continuously throughout the entire process by medical personnel.

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If you are in the maritime industry, and you need to medically transport or repatriate an employee or passenger from your ship, Sky Nurses is the comprehensive solution for your medical travel needs. Our medical transport service is the cost-effective alternative to an air ambulance if the patient is fit to fly on a commercial aircraft. Our services include all airline ticketing, securing airline medical clearances, and coordination with government agencies to obtain travel documents and approvals necessary for travel. We can arrange transport to and from almost anywhere in the world at any time.

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It's comforting to know that a company like Sky Nurses exists to aid the elderly. They assist people needing special care when they must or want to travel.

Richard D., Wilmette, Illinois

Your Clinician could not have been more courteous, helpful, and caring. Your clinician took care of us both in an exemplary fashion to ensure our comfort and security. I was overwhelmed by his attention to detail and personal dedication that he showed us both.

James W., Stuart, Florida

I knew I was in good hands with Sky Nurses because of the experience and training their clinicians have.

Sharon A., Collierville, Tennessee

I want to thank your Clinician for the excellent service provided for the unscheduled ending to a delightful vacation at sea. I felt a wave of comfort wash over me. The clinician was delightful and comforting, just like longtime friends coming to our rescue.

Jo Ann V., Ashby, Minnesota

From the time Sky Nurses' Clinician arrived at the hospital, until I was formally in the care of the hospital in Michigan, the clinician's care and professionalism gave us great confidence and peace of mind.

Karon M., Royal Oak, Michigan

I would like to compliment your Clinician. She was a "God-send" and she was just perfect. We could not have gotten home without her. Thank you very much for all the hard work you provided and kind assistance.

Patricia P., Bedford, Texas

The entire staff at Sky Nurses, starting with the Logistic Coordinators, did an excellent job coordinating the entire mission to Chennai, India. We were very pleased with the Clinician as well. She was low key, warm and very competent. Thanks again for making it all happen so smoothly.

Sam G., Chennai, India

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