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Our professional flight clinicians provide the same attentive care in the air as they do in the hospitals in which they serve.

Our Steps for Caring for the Patient

Our clinicians are attentive to the needs of our patients.

Request for a Commercial Medical Professional

The patient is assigned a Patient Care Coordinator that will arrange all the logistics of the trip. The patient is also assigned an RN Coordinator that will monitor the patient's medical status until arrival at the assigned destination. The RN Coordinator will communicate with the assigned Case Manager and/or Primary Nurse to update the patient's 'Plan of Care' to reflect their specific needs.

Commercial Airline Medical Escorts

During the Flight

Our flight nurses & medical escorts provide non-emergency medical care & transportation services to those requiring health care assistance while traveling. Each patient’s comfort is our concern. Vital signs and pain are assessed frequently throughout travel. During long international flights, a flight nurse will assist the patient with exercises that will prevent DVT.

Medical Escort and Flight Nurse

Escorting the Patient

All patients are escorted by a qualified clinician with extensive training in medical transports. All medical treatment administered by the medical escort is based on Sky Nurses standing orders provided by our Medical Director, airline policy and procedures, and American Heart Association Basic Life Support standards.

Reuniting Family Members

Patient Arrival

Once the patient arrives at their destination, the clinician will provide a detailed report to the receiving medical facility or family member.