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Occasionally, business and vacation travelers suffer from an injury or illness outside of their native country and become entitled to medical repatriation. If you have a patient that needs medical repatriation, Sky Nurses is here to provide the best services to guarantee that the patient safely returns home.

Sky Nurses offers high-quality, non-emergency medical repatriation services for patients that are fit-to-fly on a commercial aircraft. We are the cost-effective alternative to an air ambulance. We use only the most qualified, skilled, and experienced clinician and travel professionals to plan and execute the safe and affordable bedside-to-bedside transport of patients back to their home... from anywhere in the world. Since many members of our team are multilingual and with dual citizenship, Sky Nurses is able to effectively understand and communicate with all patients.

Our medical repatriation services include:

  • -24-hour continuous accessibility to address all medical needs.
  • -Planning and coordination of commercial air travel and ground transportation.
  • -Medical clearance by the airline.
  • -Detailed review of medical records.
  • -Necessary clinicians, equipment, and medications for the medical repatriation.
  • -Stretcher service on commercial airlines and private charters.
  • -Bed placement assistance.
  • -And more.
High Quality Medical Transport

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Sky Nurses coordinates domestic and international medical transportation and evacuation utilizing licensed medical personnel.
Sky Nurses does not own, lease or operate any aircraft.
All transportation is completed by commercial airline or licensed and insured private jet or charter service.