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From a hospital bed to a business class seat on a commercial airline and on to your final destination, Sky Nurses is here to assist you. Our professional medical escorts and flight nurses provide the same attentive care in the air as they do in the hospitals in which they serve.

What Is a Medical Escort?

A medical escort is a form of transportation that gets a patient from one location to another while providing medical support and attentive care. Medical escorts are typically provided in non-emergency situations to people who require special medical attention.

If the patient is capable of sitting during takeoff and landing, a commercial medical escort may be appropriate. With a commercial medical escort, a Sky Nurse clinician travels with the patient via commercial airline or private jet or charter flight service. Patients who are immobile or unable to care for themselves are placed in a first class or business class seat.

Reasons for a medical transport by Sky Nurses include, but are not limited to:

-Cardiopulmonary complications
-Neurological complications
-Gastrointestinal disorders
-Endocrine disorders
-Mental health care
-Injury while traveling
-Post-surgical care

Our Services Include:

-24/7 Continuous Medical Accessibility
-Provide a Healthcare Professional, Equipment, and Medication
-Detailed plan of Care and Coordination of all Logistics and Transportation
-24/7 Employee Travel Agents and Logistics Coordinators on-site
-Coordinate Hospital Admissions and Home Health Services

-Obtain Medical Clearances from the Airline
-Stretcher Service on Commercial Airline or Private Charter
-Medical Record Review
-Bedside-to-Bedside Care with Bed Placement Assistance

-Pre-determination Assessment on-location for Patient Transport
-Assist and coordinate with government agencies to obtain travel documents and approvals
-Provide Aide/Companion (Travel Care Mate) for Emergency or Vacation Travel