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Medical Transportation for Hospital & Rehab Patients

If you are a healthcare facility looking for long distance transportation of a patient to or from your hospital or rehabilitation center, Sky Nurses is your affordable, comprehensive solution for patient travel international medical escort. Our transport service offers the cost-effective alternative to an air ambulance for cases where the patient is fit to fly on a commercial aircraft, whether seated in Business or Economy Class or utilizing a stretcher service.

Sky Nurses has developed processes and procedures to ensure that all medical repatriations are completed ethically and legally with the interests of the patient and family held at the highest priority. We have a team of experts to obtain all necessary travel documents, clearances and approvals for completing these very challenging missions successfully and without incident.

Our RN Intake Coordinators will work directly with the patient’s discharging physician and case manager to provide continued care after the patient leaves the hospital. This care continues for the duration of travel until the patient is either delivered home or discharged to another healthcare facility. Sky Nurses will obtain medical clearance if necessary for travel aboard commercial airlines and arrange for any in-flight oxygen or approval of other medical equipment as needed.

Our clinical staff also offers assistance to patients who need prescriptions filled before leaving the hospital. Sky Nurses is even able to provide oxygen and pain management during transit to guarantee comfort and minimize pain for the patient.

All patients are escorted by a qualified clinician with extensive training in conducting medical transports. Sky Nurses follows the same standards as accredited healthcare institutions in our daily operation. All medical treatment administered by the medical escort is based upon the Sky Nurses standing orders provided by our Medical Director, airline policy and procedures, and the American Heart Association Basic Life Support standards.

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Sky Nurses coordinates domestic and international medical transportation and evacuation utilizing licensed medical professionals. Sky Nurses does not own, lease or operate any aircraft. All air transportation is completed by commercial airline or licensed and insured private jet or charter flight service.


Sky Nurses is the comprehensive solution to plan and execute medical repatriation of patients anywhere in the world. We offer assistance in securing airline medical clearances and coordinating with government agencies to obtain travel documents and approvals.

High Quality
Medical Care

Every one of our clinicians has been interviewed, trained, credentialed, and screened before serving as a medical escort for Sky Nurses, regardless of their country of domicile. All of our medical professionals have experience working in a multi-national and multi-cultural capacity.

Licensing &

Sky Nurses is the only medical escort company in the United States to hold a nurse staffing license from a state health agency – the Florida Agency of Healthcare Administration (AHCA). We have also earned the highly regarded accreditation from the Commercial Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS).

Record of
Safety and Trust

Patient safety is our highest priority. It is never compromised under any circumstances. Every case is monitored from bedside to bedside and our record is unblemished with over 1,000 transports since 2013.