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Your Health Matters Most - Leave The Planning To Us

If you, a family member, friend, partner, or employee needs a medical escort or repatriation from anywhere in the world, rely on us.

Sky Nurses is the leading provider of medical transport.

We have in-house patient care coordinators and travel agents who assist private individuals and employees with an efficient response and competitive pricing

With our professional team of Patient Care Coordinators, inhouse travel agents, and 24/7 operation, we respond efficiently with competitive pricing.

Sky nurses will handle all the planning and logistics so you have peace of mind when you need a medical escort

We handle all the planning and logistics, so you have peace of mind while traveling with our caring and competent medical escort.

Our global network of experienced healthcare professionals allows us to promptly arrive at the requested location, ready to assist the medical transport for private individuals and employees

Our global network of experienced healthcare professionals allows us to promptly arrive at the requested location, ready to assist you without delay.

Specialized Medical Transport handled with care and compassion

Specialized Medical Transport handled with care and compassion

We have clinicians ready to deploy to your location at a moment's notice. When every minute counts, you can rely on us to arrive promptly and provide the necessary assistance without hesitation.

Our capabilities and exceptional service allows you to safely arrive at your destination sooner making Sky Nurses the ideal choice.

Your Well-Being Deserves
Nothing But The Best

With over 12 years experience, 10,000 + successful medical transports and a high satisfaction rating among those we have transported,
Sky Nurses is The Leader in Specialized Global Medical Transport.

Avoid Travel Stress After Injury or Illness

As part of our services for individual travelers and employee repatriation, we handle all the arrangements for you so that you can concentrate on the more important things, like recovery. Our compassionate medical escorts ensure peace-of-mind with every trip.

Global Expertise For Any Medical Journey

With partnerships worldwide, we can arrange private charter flights and handle commercial airline medical transfers globally. When an air ambulance is needed, we can coordinate the most cost-effective service provider.

Experienced Medical Professionals For Each Journey

Our physician, nurse, paramedic and respiratory therapist escorts have deep expertise in critical and emergency care. Rest assured that you or your loved one is being transported safely and comfortably.

Quality Solutions

Sky Nurses goes beyond expectations to offer efficient pricing, meticulous planning and rapid response. We know medical patients expect high-quality care and seamless transport, so rely on us for your comprehensive travel coordination.

We hope you never need us but if you do;

When you are in a foreign country, and need a medical escort to get home, Sky Nurses is your best solution for speed, efficiency & reliability.

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There When You Need Us With Customized Support For Your Unique Needs

When you require more assistance than a friend or family member can provide, but an air ambulance feels like an excessive option, Sky Nurses offers the perfect solution.
Our empathetic medical escorts provide personalized care and attention during transport and medical travel, ensuring you recover in comfort

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