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Family support is critical to patient recovery. The closer to home, the better they are.
Family support is critical to patient recovery. The closer to home, the better off you will be and the quicker your rehabilitation.

For Hospitals in Need, Getting the Patient Home is Often the Best Medicine

Sky Nurses offers medical repatriation services for insured and uninsured foreign nationals, with either documented or undocumented travel and immigration status, from U.S. hospitals and medical facilities back to the patient's country of origin, using our international network of medical professionals.

Sky Nurses will plan, manage and execute all aspects of the patient's return to their home country, to a medical or rehabilitation facility if required, and into the arms and care of their family and friends.

For many of these medical repatriation cases, we not only arrange the bedside-to-bedside medical transfer, but we'll also assist the patient and his/her family in acquiring the required travel and other immigration documentation from the relevant government agencies at home and abroad.

The patient’s best interests are always our primary consideration and our services are completed at the patient’s and/or the immediate family’s request and agreement.

For Long-Term Care & Rehabilitation, The Best Medicine Is Family & Friends

Sky Nurses services include, but are not limited to:

Hospital or Medical Facility Discharge Planning

  Conduct due diligence study & patient medical assessment to determine feasibility of transport
  Locate patient’s family in home country
  Obtain all approvals from patient and/or immediate family members
  Locate medical facilities in country of nationality based on patient’s needs

Travel Solution Planning and Transport Completion

  Obtain all necessary travel documents for the patient’s repatriation
  Arrange all transportation by commercial air, private charter, or air ambulance based upon the patient’s medical requirements and best interests
  Provide the appropriate level of medical professional for bedside-to-bedside care of the patient during travel
  Maintain continuous communication throughout the duration of the trip, complete with status reports to the family,
__the discharging facility and the receiving hospital or medical facility

Continuity of Medical Care

  Locate an appropriate medical facility for the patient’s condition and family’s location
  Coordinate and arrange for continued medical care or treatment at the receiving medical facility
  Provide periodic progress reports of the patient (if requested by the client)

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